Kathleen & Sean

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016



After enjoying 34 weeks of a happy and healthy pregnancy, Kathleen recognized that something was wrong. She was admitted to the hospital with complications to the pregnancy. After a difficult labor and emergency surgery, beautiful baby Fiona was born on September 12, 2016. But instead of hearing the telltale cries of a healthy newborn, there was only silence. Fiona was born asleep. We were in shock and utterly heartbroken.



From the day we lost Fiona, we have been searching for a way to remedy the emptiness in our home and our hearts. We’ve travelled the world, enjoyed meals with friends, filled our home with new furniture and added another puppy.

But it’s just not the same . . .

Though we’ve tried everything we can think of; nothing fills the void left by sweet Fiona.

We are coping with the loss of our daughter every single day, and are not prepared for the risks that another pregnancy may bring us. However, we desperately want to be parents. We would welcome your child into our lives with open hearts and an abundance of love to give.




We thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Although the road that led us here has been rocky, we are excited to embrace this new journey, and feel that it is Fiona’s wish for us to adopt a child. We are truly ready to be parents, and should you choose to give us the gift of raising your child, this will be our promise to you: We promise that we will raise this child in a happy home surrounded by the same love and respect that we received from our own parents. We promise to support this child as he or she grows physically, emotionally, and spiritually in any direction that their heart desires. And we promise to stop at nothing to ensure that every opportunity is provided for this child to live out their dreams. We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome open discussion or any questions that you may have for us.